Fully functional software is can be found on under the directory “weatherstation2”. It will no longer be changed/maintained. Further development of the prototype will continue under the “weatherstation3” directory, but that version might not be fully functional at all times. It also might require extra hardware. I’ll try to describe significant progress in the blog when/if they occur…

I’ve used the standard arduino IDE version 1.5.4/1.5.5 while developing weatherstation2.
The only things you must do in addition are:

  • copy a number of libraries into the arduino library directory. Refer to the list of #include in the weatherstation2.ino file.
  • Calibrate the touch sensors and replace the content in the UTouchCD.h file accordingly.  The calibration procedure is described in UTouch page created by Henning Karlsen

Feel free to copy the prototype software and modify it for your own (non-commercial) use.

3rd party software

An nice thing about the prototype LCD hardware combo is that it works more or less out of the box using a display library by Henning Karlsen.

If you want to connect more I2C devices, a useful application for detecting I2C addresses can be found here.

The BMP085 driver I use is currently from Adafruit (ref #include in prototype software). Ther are other drivers out there, i.e., but I havn’t tested it. I’m also a bit unsure about the calibration. Did I do that ?

The other software is Time library from playground.arduino and Timezone from HChristensen. Refer to #include statements in the prototype source code in git.

Cut’n past algorithms

Moon phase calculations are borrowed from this forum entry. I haven’t really verified if this algorithm is correct, though…

Moon phases for some days ahead




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