Many of the commercial weather stations typically displays a symbol indicating sun/cloud/rain. This is a very crude weather “forecast” and is based on changes in pressure. Wikipedia states the following regarding use of barometer in weather forecast:

“Measurements of barometric pressure and the pressure tendency (the change of pressure over time) have been used in forecasting since the late 19th century[…] The larger the change in pressure, especially if more than 3.5 hPa (2.6 mmHg), the larger the change in weather can be expected. If the pressure drop is rapid, a low pressure system is approaching, and there is a greater chance of rain. Rapid pressure rises are associated with improving weather conditions, such as clearing skies”

In my weather station, I don’t want a crude sun/cloud/rain indication. I feel that it has no real value. Instead I want a bargraph or something that indicates change in pressure over time.

Weather forecast should be fetched from internet preferably using Wifi. Some possible places to fetch information are listed under the weather-apis menu.



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