Some relevant links I’ve found on my way. Please leave a comment if you have other links that might be relevant.

Other weather station projects (with stuff relevant for my project)

Other weather station projects (with stuff not directly relevant for my project)

  • Internet enabled weatherstation that can measure wind, temperature, humidity, rain, and pressure.

Weather/sensor shields made by others (relevant for my project)

Hacking existing products into a weatherstation

Commercial weather stations that looks a bit similar to what I want to design

Non-weatherstation projects that are still relevant for my project

Weather forums

Weather icons


I’m not a graphical designer. I’m going to search for a set of nice weather icons on the net. This year (2014), a “flat look” seems to be popular. Although claimed not to be “yet another fleeting aesthetic trend”, I’m not sure if that’s what I want. I guess I don’t know what I want before I see it.

A google search for ‘free weather icons’ might be enough. But I’ll try to add some links if I find good candidates. Preferable they should be images, but vector based or css based might also be relevant.


wunderground have som sets of symbols.

Practical electronics

Just a collection of links that I’ve found during practical experimenting with arduino, sensors, display etc:

Digging deeper into protocols etc…

Some links with useful deeper tech information that I’ve found on the way…

I2C bus with Arduino
Deep dive

SPI bus with Arduino

1-wire with arduino
Deep dive

LCD panel technologies


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