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ESP8266/NodeMCU with FT81x based 7″ display


I want my weatherstation to be connected wirelessly to internet to fetch weather data, time info, symbols etc. One of the cheapest option these days is to use a ESP8266. Originally I planned to use it only as a serial wifi device for Arduino. Moving small abouts of (structured) data such as forecast, time etc. from ESP8266 to Arduino is easy. But what about images? It seems to be easy to download images using ESP8266, such as Daniel Eichhorn have done in his ESP8266 Weather Station Color. But how to transfer images from 8622 to the Arduino? Common external flash or SDcard ? Serial ? I really don’t know. So, what if I can use the ESP8266 for everything and just ditch the Arduino? After all, the ESP8266 is a capable processor.

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Scargill’s Tech Blog takes a look at Linkit Smart 7688 wifi

ESP8266 brought an inexpensive way to include Wifi in small DIY projects. Later SeeedStudio has released Linkit Smart 7688/7681 based on MediaTek chips.The MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform consists of a Linux Wi-Fi SOC with the OpenWrt Linux distribution. Scargill’s Tech Blog has taken a look. Always good to have a few alternatives. The basic module starts at $5.


Also take a look at the MediaTek 7866 Developers Guide

ESP8266 chips bringing affordable wifi ?

I’ve been looking for cheap wifi modules for arduino for a while. There is now a ESP8266 that might do what I want for a reasonable price. Seeedstudio sells it and are about to write some documentation for it. I also came across this blog entry that I’m going to follow:



Recently we blogged about the new ultra low cost UART to WIFI modules based on ESP8266 ICs. Today the WIFI modules and sample chips arrived so we can finally test them.

The low cost $5 modules focused the interest of many people. We already have translated datasheet, forum and some people even started write code for Arduino without having these modules at all 🙂

One problem I see is that there are no official schematic with components with values nor reference design. We are going to change this as we already got 3 different modules and the components around ESP8266 are not so many, so we will capture the schematic and make reference PCB layout in the next few days. 




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