7″ standalone capacitive multitouch panel (800×480)

Some months ago I bought a $8 standalone 7″ capacitive multitouch panel from BuyDisplay (7 inch Capacitive Touch Panel with Controller FT5316 for 800×480). I’ve now had time to test it out. My theory was that I could reuse library code I already had for a  previous 7″ display project even though the controller is not exactly the same. In fact, it worked without any modifications. Code is as usual on github.

I now have the possibility to add capacitive multitouch capabilities on any 7″ LCD display I chose. One example is shown in arduino-with-7-800×480-capacitive-touch-display-and-gameduino2-library.


Note that the touch panel has a 0.5mm pitch 10 pin cable. I soldered a 0.5mm 10p connector from Molex on a FPC-10P 0.5mm breakout board from ebay. Then I connected the I2C bus and power from an Arduino Uno. I used the 3.3V output from Arduino to power the panel. Not sure if this voltage  is correct or safe. Connection details can be found in the code.


Currently the demo code only prints out the touch coordinates and the raw register data from the FT5316. I haven’t explored other functionalities such as gestures yet.



10 thoughts on “7″ standalone capacitive multitouch panel (800×480)

  1. It’s funny, that your posting this now. I had to get this exact touch panel to work 3 month ago and your blog post about the 7″ Touchscreen was the only useful source of information I found. I figured out that the two controllers are working pretty much the same so I were able to use your existing code. Thanks a lot!


  2. Hello There, I’m using the same touch panel with same code. But the problem is that it gives fixed co-ordinates on the serial port. Please help me.

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  3. Hey!

    This looks very handy for a multitouch project i am working on, but i’m fairly new to arduino and the accomppaninh language in general.

    Is is possible for a newby to get this working/wired and play with the incoming coordinates?

    Thanks in advance!


  4. Hello, I downloaded the ft5xx6 library from your github a while ago, and just recently got around to making a USB controller for this FT5316 panel to work with Android.
    Working code examples for Arduino Leonardo and Teensy 3.2 as USB controllers along with some details regarding Android can be found here – https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/48762-USB-mouse-touchscreen-with-Teensy3-2-for-Android
    Turns out not all Android kernels are multi-touch capable, didn’t know that… and it took a while to figure that out, google was pretty much of no help at all, and there are no meaningful error messages on the Android side as well, anyway, I added touch id byte reading to your library code, to be able to keep track of which finger is touching and which ones have been lifted etc. worked out quite ok at the end.


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