Bridgeduino – Wireless Arduino HUB and shield

After examining RFToy, I came across this BridgeDuino prototype by Hazim Bitar. According to him it “is a Swiss army knife PCB for rapid networking of inexpensive wireless communication modules”. It currently supports:

IR Transmiter LED 940nm
IR Receive 38Khz
RF433Mhz Receiver
RF433Mhz FS1000A Transmitter
Bluetooth HC-06 & HC-05

Its  open hardware and open source. It can be used as an Arduino shield or separately with an Arduino Pro Mini in a socket.


2 thoughts on “Bridgeduino – Wireless Arduino HUB and shield

  1. Cool! I have something similar in the works 🙂 Mines is called Atom-ArF 🙂 Sending out to get it made this week … working out the layout a bit. Has most of whats on his but doesnt have that Arduino Pro Mini support… might as well add it now 🙂 neat idea!


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