Can ESP8266 be used for more that wifi ?

More news on the ESP8266. A SDK is now available, read more in this Hackaday article. This might turn the ESP8266 into something more than just a UART to WiFi module. Maybe this cheap thing can act as the main processor in my weatherstation as well as wifi module ?


5 thoughts on “Can ESP8266 be used for more that wifi ?

  1. EPS8266 is a wireless module. Its only purpose is a form of networking. You can use it to create a wireless web server and reprogram the wireless module to transmit or receive. But what you do with it will need to be connected wirelessly.

    With that being said there is a programmable module on the board for doing many things. Just remember the module only holds around 4mb of data and what you do will need to be run as firmware. Look up LUA programming on EPS8266.


    1. The original post was posted a year ago. Since then, the various initiatives based on ESP8266 (not EPS, updated title) has exploded. Certainly has become an interesting candidate as main processor too.


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