Bluetooth LE shield up’n running

I got the nRF8001 based Arduino Bluetooth LE shield from a few days ago. Today I finally had a few minutes to play with it.


It took me 15 minutes to verify that it actually works together with the ble-sdk-arduino software from NordicSemiconductor. Here is what I did:

1. git cloned the BLE SDK for Arduino from

2. Copied the libraries/BLE folder to my arduino libraries folder

3. Uploaded the ble_A_Hello_World_Program.ino file to the Arduino UNO(with shield mounted). Verified in the Arduino Serial Monitor that it started up (It shows:”Advertising started. Tap Connect on the nRF UART app” … ).

4. I didn’t find any nRF UART app on AppStore, so I downloaded the “Bluefruit LE Connect software (v1.3.1)” from AppStore instead.

5. I then started the app  and selected the “UART monitor” from the menu (the other choice is Pin I/O). The app scanned for bluetooth devices and found it more or less at once.

6. At the bottom of Arduino serial monitor, I selected NewLine instead of no line ending ( to have auto line ending )

7. I then wrote “It works !!!” in the input field of the Arduino Serial Monitor and pressed “Send”.

8. The message was received by the Ipad as seen on the picture !!!

No problems, except not finding the nRF app that was referred to the the ble_A_Hello_World_Program.ino code and initially not setting “auto new line” in the monitor.

Hope I get more time to play with it later.


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