3.5″ IPS display

Got my new 3.5″ IPS display today. It was delivered much quicker than I’m used to. I ordered 11.feb. and got it 25.feb (to Norway). That’s a new record. I bought in on ebay (from Coldtears Electronics Store) mainly because they claim that this LCD has “full viewing angle”.


I’ve looked at it briefly, and it actually seems to have pretty good viewing angle from all sides.

Info on the sellers page describes how to make it work with Henning Karlsens UTFT library with some extra software. In fact it is easier. V2.71 of the library supports the LCD out of the box. In the example UTFT_Demo_480x320, just replace CTE32HR with CTE35IPS in line 22. I tested with UTFT V2.74. The extra library can be added to support i.e. extra fonts. I didn’t get that to work. Could be due to wrong library or solder pads ? I’ll try to find out later.

Note that the unit has a protective film on top of the display even though it it not easy to see. At first I thought I had got a used sample. I had not. After removing the film it looks great.

From what I’ve seen until now, and the quick response from the seller, I wouldn’t hesitate buying from Coldtears again.


4 thoughts on “3.5″ IPS display

    1. Honestly, I didn’t compare them extensively. But I do remember that the viewing angle was better on the 3.5″. I’m still looking for a good IPS screen, but I tend to focus on larger screens that 3.5″. Sorry.


      1. Ok thanks for your answer. On github are no further changes on weatherstation3. Did you improve the script already? If yes, it is possible that you share it?



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