Gameduino2 on net

I’ve now connected the Gameduino2, Arduino Pro Mini and ethernet shield (while waiting for wireless board) together. Note that the ICSP connector on the standard ethernet shield is NOT connected together with pin 11,12 and 13 the way there are on Arduino UNO. So the Arduino Pro Mini must connect to the 6 pin ICSP socket on the ethernet shield. In addition, pin 10 must be connection as a ‘select’. That’s it.

UPDATE 6.feb: I had some problem when using Arduino UNO to download sketches to the Pro Mini. For some reason I had to remove the SD card on the Gameduino2 when using it togehter with ethernet shield (ref this post). The problems seems to be gone now that I use a proper USB/TTL converter instead. The theory is that ISP devices on the UNO itself conflicted with the ISP devices on the Gameduino2…

I’ve briefly started to explore the Gameduino2 software possibilities as well as basic networking. Code is here.





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