Gameduino2 + Arduino mini pro

I just got three Arduino pro mini’s but have problems uploading sketches to it using a USB->TTL device. Some googling suggests that I have a converter that is not ideal. It lacks a RST pin. This makes it hard to use. There seems to be a number of different variants of these devices, ref i.e. this post. I gave up on my device and used by Arduino UNO board to program the Pro Mini instead. It’s easy, just removing the processor from the UNO, connection TX/RX/5v/Gnd and reset. I uploaded the sketch without problems.  I the hooked it up to the Gameduino2 and it worked ! I’ve ordered another converter that hopefully works…

The Mini Pro only uses a tiny bit of the available space on Gameduino2. My measurements shows that it is room for a CC3000 based breakout board that will make the combo wireless. Including audio output socket the combo is now 10mm thick (excluding the connector pins making it a arduino shield). I plan to remove the pins and the audio connector. Can I get it down to 8mm thick ?  Don’t know where to put the power plug yet. Use a usb micro ?… I want it thin !

I don’t have too much space for the sensors. I do not want to have any double layers (again:keeping it thin). Hmm… Here is the idea: If I go for wireless, I can get rid of the real time clock. I can fetch that from internet. If I don’t want wireless/internet, I’ll put the RTC where there is now room for wireless shield.  Would be nice to have both though….

Gameduino2 with Arduino Pro Mini in the corner
Closer look at the Pro Mini
It has a potential to be thin (dont’ pay attention to the bad soldering and connectors)
This USB->TTL converter was not the best choice…
More space available

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