Gameduino2 arrived !

First test of the Gameduino2

Just got the Gameduino2 from Seeedstudio. I’ve only had time to take a very quick look. I mounted it on a Arduinu UNO, uploaded the “hello world” example and YES! it worked. Unfortunatelly I don’t have a micro sd card available so I’m unable to test the more advanced examples (games). I noticed that it gets relatively hot so it might not be a good idea to put an internal temperature sensor inside a boxed Gameduino… hmm…

Attached some pictures.

Backside. The pins fits directly into a Arduino UNO
Gameduino2 and Arduino UNO side by side
Stacked together. Note that the audio output and sd card are located so that it fits nicely on the Arduino UNO

I’m a bit disappointed with the display. Looking at it directly from 90 degrees looks good. The contrast is reduced when looking at it from the sides. Looking at it “from below” is ok, but looking at it “from above” is not good at all. I plan to mount it at a wall at eye level or above so it should be ok. I had though about mounting it upside down to get the thickest edge at the bottom, but now I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. This issue could be a showstopper for some.

According to  what I have read it’s possible to draw everything upside-down, but it supports only horizontal mode, not portrait mode. This might also be a problem for some (at least if you need text). I must try to verify if this information is correct.

Looking at 90 degree angle
Looking at it “from below”
Looking at it “from above”. Note the extremely poor quality at this angle. The picture is not lying.

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